A letter from our Director - December 2020

Throughout this year, the automotive industry has seen challenges that not only were unpredictable, but also unfathomable to many. The opportunity for DAT Autogroup to assist our valued customers through these difficult and unprecedented times is something that the our entire team is proud of.

With the Christmas and New Year Holiday Period fast approaching, I would like to take the time to reach out and thank our loyal and valued customers.

I would like to personally thank you, your colleagues and your entire organisation on behalf of DAT Autogroup and Dial A Tow for the year that has been. From "moving mountains" by operating regular Victoria to Queensland Stock Swaps, operating multiple car carriers dedicated to bulk fleet vehicle delivery and catering to the rush of deliveries, together we combated what will forever now be known as the year of COVID-19 by making 2020 another unforgettable year.

In addition to the adaptations we were required to make due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, 2020 saw one of the largest expansions of DAT Autogroup to date. This expansion allows us to provide even more services to both Automotive Dealers and Individuals - most notably, the expansion of our Interstate Transport Services, Automotive Dealer Services and the addition of our Specialised Carpark Recovery Service Division (which holds the only Recovery Vehicle of it's type in Australia)

With the constant expansion and evolution of our business in addition to the existing services we provide, we are looking forward to making 2021 yet another unforgettable year, providing even more services to your business and the automotive industry as a whole.

We eagerly look forward to continuing to provide your business with the trusted, reliable services that are synonymous with the name DAT Autogroup - thank you again for for your loyalty.

On behalf of the entire DAT Autogroup and Dial A Tow team, we wish you all a safe holiday period, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kind Regards,

Chris Coch